Available Positions (including Internships)

Volunteer at H.E.L.P.

Volunteers are an extremely important part of our success in helping older adults and families. Here's how we work with prospective volunteers:

  • Many different assignments are performed by volunteers at H.E.L.P. Areas covered include: office support, mailings, research, outreach, web site maintenance, grant writing, and more.
  • We have found that it is very important to volunteers (and to us) that the volunteer assignment match the volunteer's interests and experience.
  • To create the best possible match, we ask the prospective volunteer to complete a volunteer registration form (showing interests and experience, and availability).
  • Once we've received the volunteer's registration form, we work with the volunteer to develop the assignment(s).

To volunteer you may call us at (310) 533-1996. We'll get you involved, based on your interests and availability.


Internship Positions

Internship positions are available at H.E.L.P.

Contact the office for more information: 310-533-1996

Volunteers from the "Moonlight on the Serengeti" Gala celebrate a successful fundraising event

H.E.L.P. Executive Director Dr. Britt Huff with volunteers Cathy Luciano and Hillary Watts
Gala Decor Chair Shelley Johnston with Auction co-chair Sally Moton, Celebrate Summer Chair Nancy Scott, and Balloon Chance chair Mardy Maehara
H.E.L.P. Board Chair Sharon Ryan with volunteer Joyce Kochanowski, H.E.L.P. Staff member Ardis Shubin and gala Decor Chair Shelley Johnston
Volunteers Deanna Hanson (left), Kathleen Davis, Yim Hom, and Patricia Ashe