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  • Why Am I So Blue?

      Feelings of grief, loneliness and financial insecurity are often considered parts of the normal aging process. sjdhfglsdjh;adk as.dhfblak; Depression […]

  • Vision Problems That Accompany Aging

    One thing we can be sure of, our eyes and vision will change as we age. Starting at about age […]

  • Keep Your Eyes On Your Vision

    Because the risks of developing eye diseases often increase as we age, it is very important that everyone aged 60 […]

  • I Can’t Remember Names – Do I Have Alzheimer’s?

    With the medical community’s increasing understanding of the brain, it is now believed to be normal for aging to be […]

  • Fall Prevention Tools

    Many seniors who fall end up with broken bones. The cause of the broken bone is often osteoporosis – an […]

  • Diabetes: The Silent Killer

    Question:  Am I at greater risk of becoming diabetic just because I’m 65? Answer: According to the American Geriatric Society, […]

  • Dementia…or Not?

    Many people fear that older adults who start to be very confused might have dementia – a slow, progressive decline […]

  • Be Sure to Get the Right Amount of Sleep

    Although most retired people are not as busy as they used to be, many report that they get very tired […]

  • Are You Forgetting to Remember?

    Mild memory lapses are part of the normal aging process.  The types of problems that often arise include forgetting where […]

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My HealthCaregiving toolsTaking Charge

Caregiving Tools

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My HealthCaregiving ToolsTaking Charge

Taking Charge

  • Finding a Professional Geriatric Care Manager

    Finding a Professional Geriatric Care Manager As part of the normal aging process, many people need assistance with specific types […]

  • Support Services for Seniors Who Hoard

    Compulsive cluttering, or hoarding, is defined as the unnecessary retention of objects or animals that may subject the hoarder and […]

  • Medicare Patients Beware!

    Question:  My mom was in the hospital for three days and then transferred to a skilled nursing facility for recovery.  […]

  • Senior Corps Volunteers

    Bad news: So many people need assistance. Good news: You can enlist in Senior Corps! In 2009, President Obama signed […]

  • Talking With Your Doctor

    Question: Why does my doctor want me to bring all my medications to my scheduled wellness exam. Answer: By reviewing […]

  • Flu Shots are Important!

    Every year, between 5 and 20 percent of people in the U.S. come down with the flu. According to the […]

  • Innovative New Hearing Tools

    According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, one-third of people aged 60 and above have problems […]

  • Video Games for Seniors: An Innovative Technological Tool

    Although many people think of video games as mindless kid activities, current research confirms that they may actually enhance one’s […]

  • Curb-to-Curb Transportation

    Anyone who cannot drive and has a disability that makes reliance on public transportation difficult may be eligible for assistance […]

  • Safe Driving for Seniors

    The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) estimates that by the year 2030, one out of every five licensed automobile […]

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