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Staying in Charge of Your Healthcare Decisions

A Power of Attorney for Health Care (PAHC) is a legal document that allows you to stay in charge of your care by selecting and naming who will make decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Care decisions include matters like:

Senior Corps Volunteers

Bad news: So many people need assistance. Good news: You can enlist in Senior Corps!

In 2009, President Obama signed the Serve America Act. It assists older adults in sharing their skills, talents and lifetime experiences with members of their communities. Just last year, California’s Senior Corps volunteers:

Special Gifts to Care Providers

Because reports of elder financial abuse continue to rise, the California Legislature enacted the Donative Transfer Restriction Statute. It ensures the validity of written gifts – also called donative transfers – made to people who provide older adults with legal advice, personal care or other support. The statute’s purpose: Eliminate gifting that may heighten accusations of undue influence or financial fraud.

Senior Baby Boomers

In 2011, 2.5 million baby boomers – those born between 1946 and 1964 - became “senior citizens.” For many, Social Security, Medicare and veteran benefits provide special tools and options:

Social Security Retirement

Medi-Cal: A No-Interest Loan for Nursing Home Care

Because current costs for nursing-home care are incredibly high, more and more Californians are seeking financial support through Medi-Cal. Those who are eligible can receive the equivalent of a no-interest loan.  With it, Medi-Cal pays a portion of the patient’s monthly nursing home fees, while the patient’s continued income defines his or her monthly deductible or share of cost.

Transferring a Small Estate

In California, when someone dies intestate – without a valid will – the right to inherit automatically passes to the closest surviving relatives, also known as next-of-kin. If the decedent left a valid will, living trust or life insurance policy, chosen beneficiaries trump rules of intestacy.

Affordable Care For Seniors

When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, it ensured all Americans access to quality health care. For seniors, it provides Medicare protections and cost savings, including:

Free Preventive Care
Starting in 2011, Medicare provides full and complete coverage for:

Short-Term Medicare Coverage for Long-Term Care Needs

Many older adults think of Medicare as the insurance that will cover most of their future care needs. They are often surprised to learn that Medicare’s coverage for skilled nursing home care is quite limited. Specific rules determine if and when such coverage will start, continue and definitely end.

Making Final Arrangements

When family members or close friends die, those experiencing the greatest sense of loss are often the ones who must make funeral and burial arrangements. If decedents not only planned ahead, but also communicated their final wishes to those who care, resulting tasks may be accomplished more efficiently, and the emotional burden lessened.

Respecting decedents' legal rights to decide

California's Donate Life Registry

Question:  Why does grandma’s driver’s license include a pink donor’s dot?

Answer: People filling out the California Department of Motor Vehicles form to renew a driver’s license or identification card must answer this question: “Do you wish to register to be an organ and tissue donor?” Those who check “YES” will automatically become enrolled in the Donate Life California Registry, and a pink “donor” dot will appear on their new driver’s licenses or ID cards.

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